Anointed Singer with Powerful Messages…on a mission earnestly
ministering to souls and restoring lost hope, Clive Warren is a firm believer
and minister of Christ. He has a steadfast faith, built on the foundation of a
childhood upbringing, rooted and grounded in a Christian family
background. His family is also very musical; his brothers and sisters are
musicians and singers, but it is Clive, who is favored with the anointing voice. Warren is a vocal ‘powerhouse’ who portrays the ability to command attention with his voice, conquer hearts with his singing and transform lives with his messages.

Vocalist / Performer/ Motivational Speaker

He is a worship leader who transcends with the anointing and delivers heaven to his audience as he lives his motto: ‘Aspire to Inspire before you Expire’. His niche is having the ability to deliver anointed songs with powerful messages. It was the powerful message of his original song, “Generation for Christ’, that garnered him the title JCDC Gospel Festival Song Competition winner in ‘2006’although, he previously entered the competition in 1998 and made it to the Top ten, as well as entering Star Search by Traxx, where he was placed third in 2004, powerful messages were never lacking in each competition he entered. However, it was in the year 2006 where Jamaicans paid attention and J.C.D.C crowned Clive as champion, later his ministry began full-fledged.

Warren is a true Leader; he’s the former Men’s President and Praise & Worship Leader at the Flankers Open Bible Church, he is a Dedicated and Caring Father, Devoted Christian, Motivational Speaker, Vocalist, Performer, and M.C. He embodies a reverential attitude, meekness, humility, vibrancy, and passion. In his spare time, he visits schools conducting devotions and giving motivation to the younger generation, hoping to steer them in the right direction. He is also very passionate about his “peace cry” in volatile communities and nations.

This Manchester-born, singing minister, is ready to push the envelope in a quest to win hearts and minds for Jesus and champion the call to worship. He is poised for break-through to this platform and shows no sign of slowing down. Clive Warren is ready to release the long-awaited debut album entitled ‘Encore’, packaged with Anointed Singing and Powerful

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