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It is said that “music is the poetry of the air. After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” This summarizes Danever passion for music. Danever Scott is a recording artiste and he has an album released several years ago entitled “Manifest Through Me‟ which is in several countries. He is currently working on another album with Message Music Jamaica which will be released soon. Danever is also a studio engineer who has produced music for many popular Jamaican and overseas artiste and labels including Message Music Jamaica. Danever describes himself as a lover of Christ, a worshipper, a music minister, a man after God’s own heart, who lives by standards of integrity, and who’s destiny is to spread the love of God to all in this time. Danever Scott discovered his talent in singing around the age of seven (7) and has been singing ever since. His talent as a singer has seen him share stages at various events and gospel shows such as Jesus Party, Genesis, Fun in the Sun, Praise Up Rising etc. where other local and popular Jamaican gospel artistes such as DJ Nicholas, Ryan Mark, Kerron Ennis, Clive Warren, Kevin Downswel, Jason Mighty and many more and international artiste such as Ron Kenoley. He has been on Television and live radio broadcasts for interviews and live performances and he has served on the board of various music regulatory organizations in Jamaica.
Danever Scott.


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